Warranty Policy


ToolHeadsCrate does not offer any extended warranties on any of its hand tools, items, clothing etc.. past the manufactures of the items warranty.ToolHeads Crate is not the manufacturer of any of the items received in the monthly crate but are a monthly subscription service to save the consumer money on hand tool and related items.  However, if you receive something damaged or broke please contact us as our goal is for 100% customer satisfaction and will promptly help you.


We inspect all items before and during packing of the monthly crates.  Once the items are in the shipper’s hands lost, damaged, and stolen packages are out of our control but If you have a damaged/lost/stolen item or package contact the shipper immediately and file a claim.  Next,with that claim number contact us and we will replace your damaged/lost/stolen items and make sure you are taken care of.  Though those issue are out of our control we also know they are also out of your control too.  Again, 100% customer satisfaction is our goal.  See our shipping Policy

Use of products:

ToolHeads Crate is not the manufacture of any tool brands or items in the monthly crate.  All items should be used in the manufactures specifically intended way.  This means to use common sense and to not put your self in danger by using a hand tool or item in a non-intend way where it could fail and hurt you or an individual.  Any product from ToolHeads Crate should only be used by responsible individuals over 18 years of age in a correct manner.

Claim Procedures:

If you have any issues with the products, packaging, shipping, billing, etc… send an email to support@toolheadscrate.com with the subject line warranty, stolen package, damaged item, etc and explain the issues that you have experienced, and attach some relevant pictures if applicable.  We will resolve the problem for you asap. It is important for us to know and track any issues or defects within the manufactures products so we can correct them immediately and other customers can be warned.  This helps us distribute the highest quality products that will last a lifetime for you.  We also have a phone support line or a contact form on the “Contact us” page if needed.


Cancelation Policy

When you are automatically enrolled in ToolHeads Crate subscription monthly service you will be billed on the 15th of every month for the monthly crate you have chosen.  If the 15th falls on a weekend or holiday it will be the prior business day.  You can cancel at any time with no fees or penalties if it is before the 15th of the month.   After the 15th of the month we have already purchased the required inventory for the next outgoing crate.  Example, if you are a subscriber and you cancel on the 13th of July then you would not be billed for the August crate and no farther crates.  Example 2; if you cancel on July 21st you have already been billed for the August crate and would be past the deadline.  You would still receive the August crate, but you would not receive the September crate.  You can cancel by phone 866-543-2371and will be required to verify account information or you can cancel by logging into your account on toolheadscrate.com

Thank you for your business and support. 

ToolHeads Crate Team