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What is a Tool Head?

Like a gear head who is someone who loves anything fast from hot rods to motorcycles. A TOOL HEAD is anyone that loves and/or uses hand tools on a daily/weekly or monthly basis.

What Is Tool Heads Crate?

Toolheads Crate is a MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION BOX specifically geared toward providing a high value of hand tools and shop related items to the subscriber. We do not add junk or non-useful items to the monthly crates but really focus on the hand tools. We also focus on providing a maximum value for your money. We do this by not wasting it on pretty shipping boxes that you will just throw away as one example.

How much dos each monthly crate cost?

You have THREE OPTIONS when selecting your monthly crate. Each price is per month that you have the subscription service active.

  • Basic Crate $29.99 plus shipping
  • Standard Crate 54.99 plus shipping
  • Premium Crate $74.99 plus shipping

What guaranteed retails value will I receive in my monhtly crate

Each crate has a guaranteed monthly retail value. We do not waste your money on fancy boxes that you will just throw away or on non-useful and unwanted items. We focus on all hand tools and shop related items, period.


  • Basic Crate for $29.99 plus shipping is guaranteed Retail value of $50
  • Standard Crate 54.99 plus shipping is guaranteed Retail value of $100 
  • Premium Crate $74.99 plus shipping is guaranteed Retail value of $200


These values are based on normal retail value on general websites. Note, that some places like Amazon sell for cheaper than some tool buyers can buy at so we do not always consider thisa viable source as they are hurting the market.  

How do the subscriptions work?

When you sign up and checkout you agree to our terms that you will be automatically enrolled and billed every month with the subscription service. The billing is on the 15th of every month but if you need to cancel then you can do so with our penalty or fees. However, our deadline every month is the 20th or the prior business day if on a weekend or holiday. As long as you cancel before this date you will not be billed for the next months crate, that simple. See the cancellation/return policy?

When do the subscriptions crates shipped?

Each subscription crate is GUARANTEED to ship from our facility in Tacoma, Wa by the 1st of every month or the next business day if on a weekend or holiday. Though, we do try and mail all orders out before the 1st. If we do not meet the deadline you will receive a FREE ITEM  in your next months crate. Shipping transit times to your detestation depends on the shipper and shipping service used.

What shippers and services do you use?

The ToolHeads Crate is only available for shipping within the USA. We use Fedex Express 2 Day service. Each subscriber will receive a tracking number once their crate has shipped via email or phone they have provided. Shipping service and transit delays are out of our control but contact us id you have any issues with your shipment.

What does shipping cost?

We charge exactly what are discounted shipping rates are and make zero profit on it because that is only fair and you have already purchased the monthly crate.


  • USPS Medium Flat Rate Priority 2-3 Day
  • We charge $12.99 for Basic and Standard Crates
  • We charge $9.99 for the premium Crate
  • Most shipments cost $13.20 minimum and up to $30 to ship for us, but we try to save you some money on every shipment.

What is the deadline for the nect month's box?

The deadline for the next outbound box is the 20th of every month. If you make your purchase by the 20th or before you will receive the next month’s box.


  • Example 1, you purchased on July 20th or before then you would receive the August 1st box that ships by August 1st, guaranteed.  
  • Example 2, if you purchase on July 23rd your next box would be the September 1st box guaranteed to ship by September 1st.

What is the cancellation policy

If you would like to cancel your subscription you can cancel via the login portal of your account or by phone 866-543-2371 (ToolHeads1). The cancellation must be in by the 15th of the prior month.

  • For example, if you want to cancel your August Box you must cancel by July 15th or before for a full refund or not to be charged.
  • See cancellation and billing policy 

Warranty Info and Policies

  • ToolHead Crate will warranty any item that has arrived damaged or broke due to no fault of the customer.
  • ToolHeads Crate has 30 day policy limit from the date the crates arrive to the customer for a claim to be made.
  • If past the 30 days the customer can contact the manufacturer for more warranty information and claims.
  • Please fill out the contact us form and we will reply asap to have the issue corrected.
  • Contact US Page

Why is your slogan "ALL TOOLS = NO B.S."?

There is no simpler or better way to say it but we honestly focus on the tools and the value you will receive in your monthly crate, period.

What types of tool brands will I receive?

We focus on quality brands and to maximize the value to our subscribers. The list is always changing and many more not listed. As we get great deals we buy them and pass the savings on to you. However, based on the value of the box you will not receive brands like Snap-On, Mac, Matco, Cornwell, etc but you will receive brands like Gearwrench, Craftsmen and so on...

  • 3M
  • KD
  • OTC

Legal and Policies?

You can also find any of our policies at the footer section of the website.

How does auto billing work?

Auto billing or Reoccurring is billed automatically on the 15th of every month until you cancel your subscription.

  • Example one, you buy your crate on the 3rd of July, you will not be billed on the 15th of July. Your first re-occurring bill would be August 15th for the September Crate.
  • Example two, you buy your crate on July 23rd. You would not receive the August 1st crate due to the 15th deadline. You would receive the September 1st crate and your first re-occurring payment would not be billed until August 15th.


  • Reoccurring payment Schedules
  • Dec 15th covers the Jan 1st Crate
  • Jan 15th covers the Feb 1st Crate
  • Feb 15th covers the March 1st Crate
  • March 15th covers the April 1st Crate
  • April 15th covers the May 1st Crate
  • May 15th covers the June 1st Crate
  • June 15th covers the July 1st Crate
  • July 15th covers the Aug 1st Crate
  • Aug 15th covers the Sept 1st Crate
  • Sept 15th covers the Oct 1st Crate
  • Oct 15th covers the Nov 1st Crate
  • Nov 15th covers the Dec 1st Crate
  • Dec 15th covers the Jan 1st Crate
  • Cancel at anytime before the 15th of each month